Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kindle versions of the Living Stone and other original novels

Thanks for coming to my blog and reading the first chapter of "The Living Stone". It is available only in a kindle edition for $6.99. There is a link to the kindle version on the left side of the blog along with links to kindle editions of THE WHITE WEIR,THE COLD BLOOD TRACKERS AND THE BIRDMEN,BEAST MASTER OF TANGLE WORLD, AND VOODOO PANTHER. Hopefully if nothing else you will download the first chapters of these novels. And of course I would enjoy any feedback that you would care to give. For those who read the kindle editions of any of my novels, I would appreciate it if you would write a review to post on Amazon.

The White Weir is a novel about the world two thousand years after nuclear annihilation of the old world. The world of the White Weir, is peopled by Mutes, Norms and Weirs. The Mutes are a warrior race of the desert whose ambitions are only be become warriors and die in battle, while the Norm are wielder of Magic. The two races are in constant conflict with the outcome of the Norms pushing the Mutes farther and farther into the desert.But then a great evil comes to the land, a white weir while digging in the ruins of an ancient city awaken an evil entity from the past. Possessed by the entity the white Weir seeks to destroy both the Norms and the Mutes and take control over all the land. The only thing that stands in his way is an outcast from Mutes and outlaw girl from the Norms. They are forced to put aside their hatred from each other in order to save their world from the evil creature which the white Weir conjures up. This is a action packed novel in the tradition of Andre Norton and Dean Allen Forster. Please ignore the cover art as it doesn't do just to the books (can't tell a book by its cover).

The Garlock is now in a kindle version on Amazon. A link to it is provided to the left. I do believe this is my finest work. It is an epic fantasy adventure that even not, thirty years after I wrote it, when reading it I marvel at how I could dream up such creatures and situation. This manuscript alone with the White Weir had been gathering dust in my closet for thirty years. Recently I began to write science fiction again and was able to publish the Garlock and the White Weir in a kindle editon on Amazon. Download the first two chapter of each for free to your kindle for pc reader (which is a free download on Amazon) I think you will enjoy the novels and agree with me that they are even better then "The Living Stone: The Rune Walker".


Howell Roland, Jr.


Howell Roland, Jr.

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